Warehouse Distribution Agreement Sample

8. The price of sending the products to the distributor is based on the cost of delivery to the distributor`s warehouse. It will include a mutually negotiated delivery price for this warehouse. 1. Products manufactured by the supplier and sold to the distributor are:PRODUCT NAME CATALOG/ITEM NUMBER [Product Name 1] [Catalogue/Article Number 1][Product Name 2] [Catalogue/Article Number 2] (Add as many names and product numbers as necessary).) Territory a. Is declared bankrupt or is the subject of a voluntary bankruptcy application or somehow enters into a compromise or agreement in favour of creditors. Does not meet at least [percentage] of the mutually agreed revenue performance targets set out in the attached document, and has made part of this document. It is not possible to obtain a good reputation in all federal and regional licences and the authorizations necessary to carry out their activities. Change or effect of a change in the majority ownership of his business 9. The payment of the products is made in US dollars by the distributor [Number] days from the date of delivery of the products to the distributor`s warehouse. At WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties executed this agreement on the day and year above. A distribution agreement sets out the conditions under which a distributor complies with the sale of a supplier`s products. 20.

The supplier will immediately make available to the distributor all necessary authorizations by a government authority for the sale and distribution of products in the territory, as requested by the distributor, provided that the supplier is responsible for the collection or maintenance of these authorizations. 24. This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties. None of the parties made any statements or commitments to the other party that are not set out in this agreement. 15. The supplier or distributor must communicate in writing its intention to terminate the contract at least [number] months before the termination date in order to separate the contract without penalty.