Tneb Lt Agreement Form

(a) the distribution services defined in this system are carried out in such a way that no company is obliged to achieve, in the near future, objectives that exceed the capabilities and limitations of the current system, while continuing to seek higher standards by improving their system in the near future; With regard to the existing rules, implementation can take place at a stage and is defined by the Commission. 4. To comply with the requirements of the law and the terms and conditions of the sales and delivery code. – The consumer hereby undertakes to impose all the requirements of the current legislation, Regulations, etc. and the grid code, sales code and delivery code as well as any modification, modification or other possible change or imputation with respect to delivery from time to time and rules, regulations or provisions adopted from time to time, etc., the provisions of tariffs, schedule and other rates, as well as the prescribed delivery conditions from time to time, and the consumer agrees not to apply it. 7. The licensee`s right to amend the terms of the agreement.- The consumer accepts that the taker has the right to vary from time to time the tariffs, overhead and other costs and terms of delivery according to the instructions/regulations or by the special or general procedures of the Tamil Electricity Regulatory Commission. In particular, the consumer agrees that the purchaser has the right to increase tariffs, etc., which are calculated with the agreement of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission for the supply of electricity as needed. It is also open at any time to the licensee for the limitation or imposition of power cuts, as he deems appropriate.

c) the ventilation of components such as distribution transformers, pipes, etc. in the distribution system. (iv) consumers also maintain their devices, switching systems, electrical cables, measuring devices and cables, including generator kits, in good working order and in compliance with the measures covered by section 53 of the Act, and deem them capable of being safely and reliably connected to the distribution network. [Consumers ensure that their generators have an appropriate locking system to prevent parallel operation of the taker`s distribution system, provided that these generators are not connected to the taker`s power grid. Local Increase New Transformers, Substations Integration of Peripheral Cable Relays Modernization of substations Interconnections Extension of power plant – Network ocumentation Graphic Information System (e) By installing adjustment transformers (booster) and synchronous capacitors in appropriate locations. The provision of spiked mats for power/auto transformer dates back to the beginning of the agreement…………… (a) plan, build and develop the distribution system in such a way that it can operate economically, safely and reliably, in accordance with applicable law and the rules applicable to it, to reduce overburdened transformers by the design and installation of additional distribution transformers. A short list of materials needed, i.e.: Manual transmission of cable transformer, etc.b) a clear space of [10 m W 4 or 5 m 5 meters] open to the sky should be presented preferably at the main entrance of the consumer activity for the installation of a removable distribution transformer and associated switching facilities, and (i) the licensee establishes a checklist of operations to be carried out before the issuance and return of the PCC and safety coordination procedures.

These procedures and checklists are issued by the licensee to all interested parties for their implementation. (4) Forecasting method: the underwriter makes a forecast of long-term needs, taking into account the previous fiscal year, which ends on March 31, as a base year and projects demand for the next five years.