Supply Of Goods Agreement Template South Africa

2.1. Subject to an amendment in accordance with paragraph 2.3, the contract is subject to these conditions, excluding all other terms and conditions (including all conditions that the purchaser intends to apply under an order, order confirmation, specification or other document).2.2. No condition that is confirmed in the order, order confirmation, specification or other document of the Buyer is part of the contract simply because it refers to this document.2.3. Any change in these specific conditions and/conditions agreed between the parties and/or any insurance relating to the goods has no effect, unless they are expressly agreed in writing and signed by an authorized representative of the company.2.4. The purchaser acknowledges that he did not rely on a statement, undertaking or insurance issued or issued by or on behalf of the company that is not stipulated in the contract or that is not signed by an authorized representative of the Company.2.5 Any order or acceptance of an offer by the purchaser of the company is considered an offer from the buyer for the purchase of the goods under these conditions, in accordance with the contract.2.6. No order from the buyer is considered accepted by the company until a written confirmation of the company`s order or company delivers the goods to the buyer; based on what is previous.2.7. The buyer must ensure that the conditions of his order and all applicable specifications are complete and correct.2.8. An offer is made on the basis of the absence of a contract until the company sends the buyer a confirmation of the order. Any offer issued by the Company is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of issuance, unless the company has withdrawn it in advance. 1.

Parties; 2. Engagement, and whether it is exclusive or not; 3. price and payment; 4. property reserve (optional), i.e. if the supplier retains ownership of the goods after delivery until the goods are paid for; 5) the quality of contractual assets, i.e. mandatory guarantees regarding destination and compliance with applicable standards, codes and safety rules; 6. Ordering, delivering and packing; 7.