Skhirat Agreement Text

We very much hope that the parties will return in the coming days and be ready to discuss the names. All parties to this process have now confirmed this and, without exception, are all ready to discuss the names of the unity government immediately after the oath. And we all hope that this process will be accelerated, that it will be possible to conclude in two or three days to vote on the text and participate in a final meeting of this dialogue in New York during the week of the United Nations General Assembly. In this regard, the representative of the Russian Federation stated that he had supported the resolution, which was inspired by the need for an immediate restoration of Libya`s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. He called on the new government to reach an agreement with all influential political forces. All teams must “gather ranks” and eliminate the terrorist threat. A second factor was the concern of EU Member States about migrants and refugees, which led them to prevent EUNAVFOR MED from “disrupting the economic model of smuggling and human trafficking networks” and the loss of life in the Mediterranean in Libyan waters. [fn] The first phase of EUNAVFOR MED, which began on 22 June 2015, focused on monitoring and assessing the southern Central Mediterranean. Phase 2, launched on 7 October, provided for a “search and, if necessary, diversion of suspicious vessels” into international waters.

On 9 October, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2240 authorizing the interception of ships in international waters off the Libyan coast on suspicion of migrant trafficking. A subsequent measure would extend operations to the high waters of Libya. “European Union Naval Forces – Operation for the Mediterranean Sophia,” EU, December 2015.The UN Security Council had authorized operations in international waters, but not in territorial waters, and the Council Presidency had not requested it. The regional environment has also done the trick. Some Western supporters of the UN process feared that in the absence of a quick agreement, regional actors such as the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, which supported the agreement in nominal but skeptical terms and would continue to support their opponents, would find their way. A Western official said that, since the CNG refused to nominate candidates for a unity government as part of the UN process, the new agreement was seen as a response and a domestic response to international pressure and insisted that the UN-backed national unification government be the only way forward in Libya. [49] Many Libyans saw the UN process as a top-down agreement imposed on them. With no indication that the United Nations is incorporating the new agreement into its peace process, the UN Special Envoy for Libya, Martin Kobler, said the agreement was a good first step and insisted that the Libyan political agreement, supported by UN measures, was the only way to unify the country and required “rapid approval” by both sides. [49] You know that there is a time in every negotiation process when we have to explain that the work is done. And what I`m saying tonight is that we`ve finished our work.

We now have a text that is the final text. Our part of the process is now complete. It is now up to the parties, the interlocutors, to react to this text, but not to negotiate with anything with regard to the addition of further comments or the return. This is the time for them and for the Libyans after a process that has been longer, really much longer than we all expected, and everyone thought it could be possible for a country facing many challenges, so we mean, yes, we want to work together, we want to meet them together or not. On 11 July 2015, 18 of the 22 participants in the UN-backed Libyan political dialogue signed a provisional framework agreement in Skhirat, Morocco, indicating a solution to a conflict that, since July 2014, has divided Libya into two groups