Directed by Carlos Gómez Melero (2015)
Photography by Janina Llauradó Poy
Produced by Meritxell Lecha Almonacid
Cast: Jordi Serra, Sergi Puig, David Barceló, Pep Escoda, Josefa Almonacid and Elisabeth Quevedo fortnite ohne passwort herunterladen.

Martín is a 30 years old stockman in a small supermaket. He is extremely clever but with no social skills. In order to feel safe, he creates his own microcosm, and the supermarket is one of them youtube videos mit firefox herunterladen. His life is strongly based in patterns which he obeys obsesively: he only stocks in even quantities and arrange the groceries until there are the exact amount of millimetres between them vlc media playeren gratis.

But when Vicente arrives, the new manager, his patterns are ruined. Completely out of place, Martin will do whatever is necessary to recover his way of life russische klingeltöne kostenlosen.