Bnz Changing Your Visa Agreement Form

20.10 Suspension or closure of a common account by us: we may suspend or close the operation of your joint account without informing you first: (a) if there is a dispute between you that is not resolved to our satisfaction; (b) if we receive conflicting instructions from you; (c) if at least two of you are required to operate the account and one of you attempts to withdraw from the common account, or tells us of your intention to resign; (d) if one of you attempts to transfer or transfer your interest to your joint account; or (e) until a joint account holder`s right to manage the common account is clarified. We will notify each of you as soon as possible if your joint account is suspended or closed. In accordance with clauses 8.4 and 8.5, we are not liable for losses if we close or close a joint account or if we do not close or close a joint account if we were able to do so. You, your means, any customer who requests and/or uses the Visa Flexi debit card or the Eftpos card, or the person, institution or organization that is indicated as a customer to the relevant account authority and in whose name the account is opened. 14.25 Daily Transaction Limits: Daily transaction limits apply to amounts you can withdraw from a Flexi account or purchase with your Flexi Debit Visa card. Each amount of the transaction must also include all fees related to this type of transaction. These limit values may change from time to time. Current limit values are available on our website. Transaction limits apply over a 24-hour period and apply regardless of whether your Flexi account has credit or credit. Transaction limits can be reduced after prior agreement with us. Other banks and service providers may also set transaction limits for the amount of a transaction or the number of transactions. To the extent permitted by law, neither Bank of New Zealand nor any other person involved in this publication assumes liability for losses or damages directly or indirectly resulting from information contained in or omitted from this publication (negligent or otherwise). 13.2 Our ability to transfer rights and obligations: to the extent permitted by law, we may transfer all or all of our rights or obligations regarding these conditions or your accounts.

We can do that without telling you beforehand, and you accept such a transmission. If we do, we`ll tell you after the fact.